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Welcome to Javaro Press
Publisher of stories about youngsters:
for Adults, for Teenagers, for Middle Grade Kids
In a wide variety of times and settings:
Fantasy, Historical, Adventure, Contemporary, Science Fiction

Tiny extraterrestrials visiting Earth to study humans cause a catastrophe and try to fix it


A peculiar tale of a boy in a crisis and how he, with a peculiar pet, can successfully solve it


A miraculous sign and a treacherous journey transform youthful magi into wise & worthy men


The Creation of the world (and mankind) from a heavenly angelic perspective

Two teens on a date get caught by drug dealers & hijacked to the Amazon jungle


A fellow’s tale of trying to do things right, sometimes succeeding, most often not


How a devoted Christian student can survive negative biblical criticisms at universities


A 17-year-old recalls her previous 4 years during which she was an emotional disaster

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