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In the story “Grink”, a teenager living in a remote dilapidated farmhouse faces several crises: Mom with a killer cancer, Grandpa going senile, his own heart beginning to fail, and no father or neighbor to help.

But wait… Here comes an eccentric uncle, a genetic key, and a strange piglet. With this new pet (plus teenage determination) perhaps he can make it. But perhaps not. Only when the surrounding world is on the verge of bringing him down does he realize the reason for, and the power within, his pet.


Could a weird alien (other than a dead one) ever be a good thing? “Of course!” says author JV Rootsey who, as a teenager, used to be one. Imagine somebody from out-of-this-world taking a dying or dead kid and giving him a new life. Dream on, you say? How about doing the same thing for the kid’s friend ... and doing it while facing human weaknesses, evil characters and equipment failures? Impossible? Read ‘Micráliens’ and see.

Condensed version of the opening chapter won Grand Prize from ‘Children’s Writer’ for a Sci-Fi short story, and was published by Scholastic in Volume 51, No 9 of ‘Science World’ magazine.

Comments about "Micráliens"

from Young Teens

"Exciting, adventurous!"

"Piece of pure cleverness and genius!"

"An ordinary author wouldn't

ever have thought this up!"

"So creative, I could picture every scene. Really good!"

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