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"Little Amazon"

Little Amazon tells us all about what should have been a fun Prom Night, but ended up a nightmare when Nick decided to show his date how fast his cool car can go. As they drag race down an abandoned airstrip, ruthless drug runners fly in to meet a dealer and close a deal.


Trapped between a plane and a four-by-four, Nick and Kristen try to escape but the dealer wants no witnesses. Roughed up and tossed into the plane's cargo hold, the two face death or torture at the end of a long flight to South America. The desperate pair decide to share a single freight parachute and bail out over a rain forest. Their chute fails to open. But this isn't the end (of them or their troubles).

"Richard Rubbins"

Richard Rubbins is a story about a boy. It's a tale of trying to do things right, sometimes succeeding, most often not. The setting is in England before WW II; the ending is after WW II. Although bodies suddenly appear, personalities don't—they sort of bubble out of a curious blend of family heritage and Divine Destiny.


So, to explain why Richard is the way he is, the story starts in the heavens. That's the time and place where worldly stuff is determined anyway. A child is conceived as guns loom across the English Channel; warplanes drone in the air. While Satan's passions challenge God's mercy, the boy becomes the eyes of the reader as he and his family face the troubles of the times. Disorder in the world builds imagination within. Reality and make-believe swim together as the boy copes with turmoil at home and aggression.

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