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"A Logical View of Biblical Controversy"

The urge to write this book started quite a few years ago after I took a college course at the University of California at Berkeley called “The English Bible as Literature”. The professor seemed to emphasize contradictions rather than the literature itself. Then, over time, I kept hearing about Biblical contradictions on radio and in published articles. I'm not just talking about the battle with atheists or agnostics, I'm also talking about controversy between conservative and liberal Christians, evangelical and community service Christians.


Well, I'd had enough. Getting hit from both secular and spiritual sources that much of the Bible or any belief in God was untrue, illogical, or couldn't be explained was enough to make my hair stand on end. It was time to pretend I was back at Berkeley and apply a little (or perhaps a lot of) logic. So, I grabbed a pen, some notepaper, a computer, and gave it a go.

"Morgan's Valley"

A 17-year-old girl recalls the previous five years of her life during which she links up with progressively worse sets of friends. Drugs, sex, thievery, halfway-houses and homelessness drag her towards physical and emotional disaster. Yet a snapshot of her family in happier times gives her the will to search for the reason why her father left and why her mother hates her.


Eventually (near the end of this book) despair, a real friend, and a new-found faith in Christ lead her to the answers that renew her innocence and self-respect. Based on a true story of someone in a High School Abstinence Workshop (fictionalized to protect innocent parties), it’s an interesting read for older teenagers and concerned parents.

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