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"The Quest of Three Magi"

The Quest of Three Magi meticulously weaves the Biblical accounts of Matthew, Luke and the Prophets into an intriguing tale of the Wise Men. Because the Bible does not give the age of the Magi, and because patriarchs like Joseph, David and Daniel were all young when they became renowned, JV Rootsey portrays the trio as teenage magi-intraining raised by priests in a Parthian Ziggurat.


When rambunctious energy drives the three boys into constant trouble, the priests threaten them: Prove yourselves worthy and responsible or else! Unusual stellar activity, prompts the three to focus their energies on deciphering its meaning. The tale’s complexity and authenticity come from Biblical studies, and even a camel ride into the desert. With nothing to contradict the Bible, yet lots to make traditionalists ponder, the book presents an amazing story.

Comments about "The Quest of Three Magi"

A superbly written book. A real page turner: lots of intrigue and danger; plenty of romance and wonderment over the opposite sex—yet tastefully done … the merge between fiction and fact is fabulous … character development is very, very well done ... inspirational in a subtle, growing way.

Dr. Jack Haberer, Senior Pastor, Clear Lake Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas
Author of “Living in the Presence of the Spirit”

Great book … so many hooks! Impressed with style of writing. [Author] could be the next John Grisham … Didn’t want to put it down. Impressive intellectual, scriptural and historical threads ... a learning experience. Out of the traditional box, but not in conflict with the Bible. An adult book that youth could get into.

Mark Ragsdale, Senior Pastor, Church at Viera, Melbourne, Florida

Loved it ... This unique and tender story certainly changed my mind about the visitation of the Magi … Thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

Shirley Hutchins, Book Reviewer, Calvary Chapel Book Store, Melbourne, Florida

Incredible insight ... gave me a new outlook on the most important event in history. This “story” is as close as it comes to being arguable as reality. Beginning has a lot of boy-stuff, [then] becomes especially thrilling … the desert beautifully depicted … the torment and pain shown … the closing very well done.

Jennifer Pruden, 11th Grade Student/Cheerleader, Eau Gallie High School, Florida

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